21st Century Electromagnetics

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Course Material

Topic 1 — Preliminary Topics

Topic 2 — Electromagnetic Properties of Materials

Topic 3 — Coupled-Mode Theory

Topic 4 — Periodic Structures

Topic 5 — Engineered Materials

Topic 6 — Design Techniques for 21st Century Electromagnetics

Topic 7 — Other Advanced Topics

Course Resources

    • test_fdder.p — Homework #1 asks you to write the function fdder() which constructs derivative operators for collocated grid. This test_fdder.p program tests your fdder() function to ensure that all features are working properly. See Homework #1 for details.
    • fdders.p — This function acts just like fdder() except that is only produces derivative matrices for small grids. It is provided here simply to help troublshoot your fdder() function.

Note: The above items are protected function files and have a “.p” extension. They work just like “.m” files, but they cannot be opened to view the code inside them.