Advice for making your resume standout out among the masses

As an educator, I have reviewed many articles about writing resumes so that I can better advise my students. I have become frustrated that they all fail to state what is by far the best and most important advice to improve your resume.

Here it is: Make sure you have things to put on your resume!

Good grades are certainly important. Even more, however, employers want to hire happy and knowledgeable people who will take an active role in their company and contribute to its success. A resume should convey your passion, energy, and that you are an active contributor.

This means you should join organizations, be active in them, and take on leadership positions. Get involved in projects outside of the classroom. Your hobbies and interests will speak a lot about the type of person you. Be well read in technical areas so that you are knowledgeable and can write your resume with professional language. Help others. Volunteer your time with philanthropic organizations such as homeless shelters or senior living centers. Do the things that will convey you have a genuine interest in what you do, care about people, and that you actively contribute.

If you want to have an awesome resume, do awesome things!

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