21st Century Electromagnetics


21st Century Electromagnetics

Learn the theory and the skills to design electromagnetic devices in the 21st century where digital manufacturing and exploiting the third dimension becomes dominant. A course covering the most advanced topics in electromagnetics.  Topics include engineered materials, metamaterials, solid state electromagnetics, spatial transforms, spatially variant lattices, and devices. 

Course Paperwork

Course Assignments


Final Project


Course Material

Topic 1 — Preliminary Topics

Topic 2 — Electromagnetic Properties of Materials

Topic 3 — Coupled-Mode Theory

Topic 4 — Periodic Structures

Topic 5 — Engineered Materials

Topic 6 — Design Techniques for 21st Century Electromagnetics

Topic 7 — Other Advanced Topics

Course Resources

    • test_fdder.p — Homework #1 asks you to write the function fdder() which constructs derivative operators for collocated grid. This test_fdder.p program tests your fdder() function to ensure that all features are working properly. See Homework #1 for details.
    • fdders.p — This function acts just like fdder() except that is only produces derivative matrices for small grids. It is provided here simply to help troublshoot your fdder() function.

Note: The above items are protected function files and have a “.p” extension. They work just like “.m” files, but they cannot be opened to view the code inside them.

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