Microwave Engineering

Course Paperwork


Course Topics

Topic 1 — Review of Basic Electromagnetics

Topic 2 — Electromagnetic Properties of Materials

Topic 3 — Transmission Lines

Topic 4 — Numerical Analysis of Transmission Lines

Topic 5 — Network Analysis

Topic 6 — Smith Charts

Topic 7 — Waveguides

  • Waveguide analysis setup

Topic 8 — Microwave Design

Topic 9 — Microwave Communications


    • Downliad .zip file with MATLAB codes
      • tlcalc.p — This is a MATLAB function that simulates any two-conductor transmission line. The dielectric can be anything.
      • tlcalc_demo.m — This MATLAB program demonstrates the use of tlcalc() by calculating the parameters for a microstrip transmission line.

Note: Some of the above items are protected function files and have a “.p” extension. They work just like “.m” files, but they cannot be opened to view the code inside of them.