Research Methods

Research Methods

There is more to research than research!

Nearly everything in research is built on the ability to communicate. Written communications, speaking, graphics and visualization are all vital skills for today’s researchers. You will learn how to implement proven research methods and career development skills

EMPossible Research Methods pyramid

Course Syllabus

(PDF) (Video) Lecture — Course Introduction

Professional Communications

Graphics & Visualization



Open-Source Software & Resources

Graduate School & Research

Choosing a Research Topic, Advisor/Mentor, and Committee

Proposing & Defending Your Research

Doing Science


Psychological Aspects of Graduate School

Learning Strategies

Data Management

Responsible Conduct & Ethics

Time Management & Planning

Business & Career Aspects of Research

General Advice for Graduate School and Research

Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Writing Business Proposals

Project Budgets

Business Strategy


Applying for a Faculty Position

Career Development

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