Computational Methods for Engineers

EMP 4301/5301

Computational Methods For Engineers

A presentation of the fundamental numerical techniques used in engineering, including solution of systems of linear and nonlinear equations, interpolation and curve-fitting, solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. In addition to the methods, the course teaches best practices and the philosophy of computation and visualization. With this course, the student will be able to do root-finding, curve fitting, optimization, solve differential equations, and visualize the results.

(PDF) Course Syllabus

Course Materials


Final Project

Course Topics

Topic 0 — Course Information & Graphics

Topic 1 — Numerical Errors in Computation

Topic 2 — MATLAB

Topic 3 — Linear Algebra

Topic 4 — Root Finding

Topic 5 — Curve Fitting & Interpolation

Topic 6 — Numerical Integration & Differentiation

Topic 7 — Finite-Difference Method

Topic 8 — Optimization

Topic 9 — Bonus Material

Other Resources

Internet Resources

Open Source Software

Course Resources

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