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EMLab Research

EMLab logo

The EMLab focuses exclusively on disruptive technologies in 3D printing, electronics, electromagnetics, and photonics. The lab is actively developing some of the most ambitious and revolutionary technologies happening today. These includes advanced 3D printing, conformal and 3D volumetric circuits, antennas, metamaterials, metasurfaces, photonic crystals, frequency selective surfaces, and more.

EMLab 3D Printed Antenna Electromagnetics

The EMLab is exploring concepts for electromagnetic devices that fully exploit the new degrees of freedom offered by 3D printing and the third dimension. Research include microwave circuits, antennas, metamaterials, frequency selective surfaces, and others.

Computational Electromagnetics
Computational Electromagnetics

The EMLab is one of the strongest research groups in the world for computational analysis of electromagnetic devices. Capabilities continue to grow in the areas of optimization, GPU and scalable computing, unstructured grids, and hybridization of different methods such as ray tracing and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD).

EMLab Photonics

Photonics is experiencing a revolution of its own due to digital manufacturing techniques such as multi-photon lithography. Today’s photonic devices are mostly planar, primarily because of manufacturing constraints. Research in the EM Lab is pioneering new photonic technologies that fully exploit the new degrees of freedom offered by digital manufacturing.

Hybrid 3D Printing
EMLab Hybrid 3D Printing

The EMLab has automated direct-write hybrid 3D printing to create the only known capability in the world to manufacture three-dimensional parts with an arbitrary distribution of metals and dielectrics. Research includes software, materials, and 3D printing processes.

3D Printed Electronics
EMLab 3D Printed Electromagnetics

The EMLab has developed an extensive suite of tools and capabilities for designing and manufacturing parts with electro-mechanical functionality including circuits, sensors and actuators. 3D printing provides a very rapid turn-around time and the ability to manufacture nonplanar, flexible, and 3D volumetric circuits.

Spatially Variant Lattices
EMLab Spatially Variant Lattices

The EMLab developed an algorithm to bend, twist, conform, and otherwise spatially vary any periodic structure while minimizing deformations to the geometry of the unit cells. These seemingly impossible geometries preserve the electromagnetic or photonic properties of the periodic structure, enable entire new physical mechanisms from which to design devices. The technology is being used to conform frequency selective surfaces to doubly-curved substrates, control light in new ways in photonic crystals, and more.

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