Electromagnetic Field Theory


Electromagnetic Field Theory

Welcome to the amazing world of Electromagnetics! This course will introduce you to the branch of science that deals with forces that occur around electrically charged particles and the relation between those forces.  Electromagnetics is the single topic in electrical engineering that connects all other topics. 

The Amazing World of Electromagnetics!

Course Materials

Course Syllabus

Final Project

Course Topics

Topic 1 — Course Introduction

Topic 2 — Review of Vector Calculus

Topic 3 — Maxwell's Equations

Topic 4 — Electrostatics

Topic 5 — Magnetostatics

Topic 6 — Electromagnetic Waves

Topic 7 — Wave Scattering

Topic 8 — Transmission Lines

Topic 9 — Waveguides

Topic 10 — Computational Electromagnetics

Topic 11 — Smith Charts


MATLAB Resources

Fresnel Visualization Tool

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